About Us

About us
The Viking Motel’s story began in 1959, when the property was built along old Highway 99. Back then, 99 was the main north-south highway on the West coast, stretching from the California-Mexico border to Blaine, Washington. In 1964, Highway 99 was officially replaced by Interstate 5, which runs parallel to 99, three blocks east of the motel. The original owners, also a local family, welcomed visitors for nearly 20 years before selling the business to Hari and Saroj in 1978. About us
Hari has run the daily operations of Viking Motel for over 40 years, along with his wife and children. The motel truly is a family affair! Guests who have stayed at Viking Motel often say that the motel’s greatest asset is Hari and Saroj’s warm hospitality and concern for their guests’ comfort.
The motel has undergone several updates and upgrades over the years, but the iconic neon sign has always been a beacon to weary travelers. We’ve hosted many wonderful guests, from families looking for a quick pit stop on a West coast road trip, to business travelers in Portland for an extended work assignment, and everyone in between. We are so grateful for our guests, past and present, and look forward to welcoming new friends to the Viking Motel family.
North Portland’s Arbor Lodge neighborhood is conveniently located on N. Interstate Avenue, near the Overlook, Piedmont, and Peninsular neighborhoods and bordered to the East by Interstate 5. The Intersate Max line runs through the neighborhood, offering convenient access to downtown and other Portland neighborhoods. Arbor Lodge is described as dynamic and community-conscious, with a mix of singles, young families and local “old-timers”, all of whom care about one another as well as their community. The neighborhood is a great place for dog walking, jogging, cycling, walks, and family block parties. Locally-owned businesses include coffee shops, eateries, grocery stores, and boutiques. We are proud to be one of those businesses and to share the neighborhood’s activities and restaurants with our out-of-town guests. Eat Local